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With over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields, I bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to the table. I am driven by a passion for helping clients reach their goals.


My experience in various industries includes: 

  • sales  (direct, door-to-door, B2B, MLM, vendor events)                     

  • sales coaching and training

  • social media                  

  • executive administrative support 

  • project assistance and organization      

  • editing 

  • events, weddings, and conferences                       

  • fundraising 

  • nonprofit                       

  • ministry 

  • leadership development

  • online training courses

  • advertising, insurance, custom luxury furniture

  • working with focused accounts: attorneys, interior designer, builders, architects, 

Volunteer roles in: 

  • clean water 

  • anti-human trafficking

  • domestic violence

  • adoption and foster care 

  • local and international ministries and non-profits 

Training experience:

  • sales (Southwestern Advantage)

  • adoption and foster care (Lifeline Children Services)

  • trauma based care (Created for Care)

  • leadership development coaching (LMI International)

  • DISC

  • Strength Finders

  • natural wellness therapies (AromaTouch Trainer)

Bachelors Degree from Taylor University in English Literature. 

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